• Dami Afam Ade-Odiachi

A Correction - Men Rape Women

This illustration like the blog, and myself, is a work in progress. Designed on the 5th of June 2020.

In my recent article, Men Rape Women, I made a mistake. I used a part of a quote published in a Premium Times article.

“The Nigerian criminal code recommends life imprisonment for rape convicts and 14 years for attempt rape, but only 18 people have ever been convicted in Nigeria.”

It’s attributed to the Human Rights Lawyer, Evans Ufeli. In my article, Men Rape Women, this is how I used it.

“ And according to the Human Rights Lawyer, Evans Ufeli, as at 2015 (5 years ago) only 18 people had been convicted of rape in Nigeria’s legal history.”

I have since discovered that the claim is not true. So the sentence will be struck from the article. The truth of it is that Nigeria doesn’t know how many rape convictions, reported rape cases, or criminal trials as a result of rape it has had.

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