• Dami Afam Ade-Odiachi

The Beer at Bature Brewery

It’s so hot during the day now that every five minutes or so I find myself thinking of beer. The bubbles, the frosted glass, the bone chilling liquid as it rushes down my throat. Every time I have a swig, I imagine that it’s cooling me down. This delusion is helped a little, by the light tipsy that follows two brews, and the frothy drunk that follows four.

I’ve been drinking beer since I was 17. My first was a bottle of Budweiser. I thought it was great. It tasted like maturity and adulthood, and the light buzz that followed was pleasant. It gave me enough liquid courage to grind filthily with a daughter of an African president. The second however, wasn’t as pleasant. In economics, there’s concept called diminishing marginal utility. Broken down, this means that the satisfaction you gain from repeating an action reduces each time you do it. The first Budweiser is brilliant. The second is less so. And by the third, you’re mostly only doing it because you want to get drunk. The idea is infinitely applicable.

Lagos has a new beer spot, Bature Brewery. It’s on Etim Inyang street in Victoria Island. Bature is either a cross between Beer and Nature or it’s Hausa for white person. The latter is more convincing argument because one of the co-founders Kevin Conroy is white. But who knows why? I didn’t manage to ask Kevin when I went to drink there twice.

At Bature, they make all their own beer in house so it’s perfect for anyone who loves beer but is tired of drinking the same old stuff all the time. They have the Lagos Lager, which is light, like a Budweiser actually, but with more flavour. They also have the Founder’s ale, which I found delightful. Back when I was in university, one of my flatmates, Conchie, decided that our project for the semester would be brewing ale in our backyard. Needless to say, it didn’t turn out that great. The ale was serviceable in that you could drink it and not die. But all who drank it were prone to murderous hangovers and vomiting fits in the morning. As a result of this experience, I have great respect for any ale that's pleasant to drink.

The next drink I tried there was the Zobo Shakkara which Kevin said was a light beer... or did he say it was a cider... I can’t remember too clearly. I was taken in by it’s pink colouring. That one tasted as dry as the driest Sauvignon Blanc. I thought it perfect for a sweltering unbearably hot Lagos day. My favourite was the award winning Black Gold, a stout unlike anything I’d ever tried before it. Brewed from Nigerian roasted coffee (the Bature team like to use mostly Nigerian raw materials to produce their beer) the thing tastes exactly like an Espresso martini. Brilliant. Lovely. And with an alcohol by volume measure of 10 per cent, it’s quite an effective way to begin your departure from sobriety.

I had a lovely time there. I highly recommend it. It’s the first Craft Beer spot I know of in Lagos (there’s also a spot in Abuja), so you should go, if not for the beer then for the novelty of it all.

Happy Days,


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